Fine Tune Dual Function Bottle Cage Released

The Ibera Fine Tune Dual Function Bottle Cage extends the utility of the bottle cage in two significant ways. Firstly, the Fine Tune's tilt loading function allows the use of a water bottle on a greater range of bicycles, even on very compact frames. On a frame without enough top clearance, simply rotate the cage to place or remove a bottle from either side of the bike.

Secondly, the cage holding arms are width-adjustable, allowing a range of bottles, including small mineral water bottles, to be securely carried. The cage works equally as well with standard bicycle bottles. The Fine Tune cage is made of durable nylon & heat-treated aluminium. It is installed the same way as a conventional cage, and is maintenance free.

Tilt loading for easy access on compact frames
Width-adjustable for small or standard bottles

• Width adjustment: 63 – 73 mm
• Heat-treated aluminium
• Durable nylon
• Weight: 78g

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