NEW Removable Bike Stand

The Ibera removable bike stand is designed especially for high-end bike riders. It has the functionality of a kickstand without the weight and clunkiness. The portable carbon fibre stand attaches or detaches instantly to a bike. 


"Cyclists with high-end bikes don't want a heavy stand permanently attached to their their bike," said sales person Hedy Chung. "But sometimes a stand can be handy. This one is very light, sleek and comes apart so it's easily carried in a jersey pocket or a bag."


The stand comes with a coupling that replaces part of the bike's rear wheel quick release. It fits 26" and 700 C wheel size bikes.


Removable Bike Stand IB-ST6


• Ultralight

• Carbon fibre

• Portable

• Adjustable length


Optional carry bag available.

86 g


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