Team Ibera Around Taiwan Tour

On September 30, at the tail end of summer, a group of 25, consisting Ibera staff and a few friends left the Ibera factory located in Shengang on Taiwan's west coast. They returned to a rousing welcome. That was ten days later after they had cycled 1,018 km around Taiwan (Taiwan is slightly smaller than the Netherlands).

The riders, dressed in team colours, rode south along the crowded plains. Then after rounding the southern tip of the island, they cycled up the stunning eastern Pacific coast, before heading home. Leading the group were brothers, Ibera president Luke Chung, and Rock Chung, company general manager.

On completing the ride, an elated Rock Chung said, "It was hard but fun. And it was great for R&D; every rider used our products so we learnt a lot."

Ibera has a large number of cyclists amongst its workforce. Two years ago a Ibera factory team was formed, organising rides nearly every weekend.

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