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Ibera Wall Hanger獲得第二名!
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恭喜 IBERA IB-BC17 榮獲 2017 d&i awards 大獎
恭喜 IBERA IB-BC17 榮獲 2017 d&i awards 大獎
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2017 台北自行車展開跑囉!
2017.03.22-03.25 自行車展開跑囉! 我們在I1401等您來參觀!
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2016 歐洲自行車展, 8.31-9.04 攤位號碼: A4-800

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IBERA 新產品將於2015台北國際自行車展覽會展出
IBERA 新產品將於2015台北國際自行車展覽會展出,邀請您一起共襄盛舉.
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這次新產品包含了手機袋,手把袋及上管袋, 請連結產品了解更多訊息。
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您將在南京展看到 IBERA !!
不要錯過這個機會! 您將看到許多新產品
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IBERA 新產品將於2014台北國際自行車展覽會展出

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New Ibera Products at Eurobike 2013
Don’t miss Ibera’s latest products on display at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany August 28–31.
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On the Fly Videos & Photos for iPhone
NEW PRODUCT This award winning semi-rigid phone case has a built-in camera lens aperture, and with Ibera's new angle adjustable StemClamp, cyclists can take vivid action photos or videos of themselves or the road ahead without extra equipment.
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Ibera Phone Case Wins Design Award
Ibera Bike Cam Case (IB-PB15) for iPhone 5
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Ibera now has a Facebook page
Check it out. Become a Friend.
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Team Ibera Around Taiwan Tour
On September 30, at the tail end of summer, a group of 25, consisting Ibera staff and a few friends left the Ibera factory located in Shengang on Taiwan's west coast. They returned to a rousing welcome. That was ten days later after they had cycled 1,018 km around Taiwan (Taiwan is slightly smaller than the Netherlands).
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Ibera Enters US Market
Ibera has announced the launch of its bicycle accessories in the United States. Though Ibera water bottles have been sold on a limited basis in the US for some time, with the opening of a US sales office, the complete Ibera product line will now be widely available.
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Fine Tune Dual Function Bottle Cage Released
The Ibera Fine Tune Dual Function Bottle Cage extends the utility of the bottle cage in two significant ways. Firstly, the Fine Tune's tilt loading function allows the use of a water bottle on a greater range of bicycles, even on very compact frames. On a frame without enough top clearance, simply rotate the cage to place or remove a bottle from either side of the bike.
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Design Recognition for Coolhead Bottle

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